Thursday, August 19, 2010

Half way there

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Here I am at 20 weeks. I am not a particularly cute pregnant woman. In fact, some people don't realize I'm pregnant, because, well, I still just look fat. Please ignore the fuzzy hair and lack of makeup. I had the day off from work, so I just took it easy yesterday. I have gained about 8 pounds so far. And I certainly can see and feel big changes in my body. Here's a picture taken exactly two months ago just for comparison.

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I'm glad to be at this 20 week milestone. It means we're half way there. The time has gone by fast for me. Sometimes, I'm a little overwhelmed with all that we need to do and buy to get ready for having this baby, but during those times Greg reminds me that we have plenty of time left to do all that has to be done. One way or another, it will all come together.

The baby's movements are very distinct now. He is most active around 9 or 10 p.m. when I am probably at my least active, vegging on the couch. For now, Greg has not been able to feel the movements though his hand has been perfectly positioned over dozens of little kicks and punches. So, that is another little milestone to look forward to.

The name game is not going well. Greg is stuck on one name and won't really entertain other options. Yesterday, I bought a big fat baby name book and told him he has to come up with at least 3 or 4 other names that he likes. I want to have options! The worst part, he hates the name Rowan!


  1. He doesn't like Rowan! Oh no!! I am really anxious to name, but we both like too many names. I think we need to narrow it down to the 3 names you're working up to!

    You look great, and only 8 pounds, that's better than I was doing at 20 weeks. Sometimes if I want to look more pregnant and less fat (like when I travel for some odd reason) I wear a tighter shirt!

  2. How disappointing he doesn't like the name Rowan! You look like a cute pregnant lady to me... so glad things are going well for you.

  3. You look marvelous, Krista. I totally object to any comment otherwise. :) Congrats on the halfway mark! Craziness, huh? I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, too, when I think of things we need to address BEFORE we even tackle the nursery--such as find a home for all the crap that's currently in that room at present. Sigh. Like you I have to be reminded that it WILL get done. :)

    I am happy to hear from you (and so happy to have a blog friend who is right about the same place as me in pregnancy. ;)