Friday, April 1, 2011

I've been thinking....

perhaps it's time to end this blog and start a new one. The support I found from my readers out there in blogland was very helpful to me during the last rounds of our infertility struggle and throughout my pregnancy. I am thankful to each one of you who ever offered me a word of encouragement or advice. I pray that you get the miracle you are waiting on. However, I find that I am not always being authentic in my writing on this blog for fear of hurting readers who still struggle. So, perhaps it's time for a new blog. I'm envisioning a blog that is blatantly and unequivocally dedicated to my precious baby and this new life we have as a family of three.


  1. I'm struggling myself with authenticity right now, so I completely understand your wanting to be true to yourself. As always, you've got my support. Do you think you'll share your new digs with any of us? No pressure--just curious.

    Have a good weekend, Krista!

  2. I completely understand, and btw- I want to know where you are headed, if you'll have me...

  3. please let us know where to find you if you go!

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