Friday, October 29, 2010

The lunch lady

We attended a breastfeeding class this week. We start our child birth classes next week but with our schedules and the specific dates they offer the feeding classes, I decided to go ahead and do it early. I figured, you need all the info you can get when it comes to breastfeeding anyway.
So Greg and I went to the class Tuesday night (husbands or partners are encouraged to attend and my husband is very curious as to how this is all going to work, so he went with me).
First, let me say that I am country. I am as country as the day is long, so I have nothing against country people but then again, I don't really want just any good ol' girl teaching me a breastfeeding class.
My aversion to this woman was instantaneous. I generally know whether I'm going to like someone pretty quickly after meeting them and when I met this woman I was certain I didn't like her. And, I was right.
She was crass, she was not well-spoken, she fumbled and bumbled around. She kept making inappropriate comments toward the four men in the class. She was just horrible, saying things like "If I can stand up here and play with my boobs you can too ladies!"
It was like being taught the ins and outs of breastfeeding by the lunch lady from elementary school. Granted, this woman is educated and certified and all that jazz, but geez Louise couldn't they find someone with a little more.... couth to teach the class?
I tell you the honest truth -- this woman actually spoke these words: "You can smoke while breastfeeding. You should smoke outside so the smell doesn't get stuck in your clothes because the baby uses his sense of smell to feed." Then she said, "You should never smoke in your car with the baby in it (and I thought sure there was a period coming after that but NO) without rolling the windows down."
Dear Lord, help us all. Just another reason I wish I didn't live in Northwest Louisiana, no offense to anyone who calls this place home and doesn't know any better.
And, to top it all off they handed out information sheets about Listeria and in bold it says "Never eat hot dogs or deli meats that haven't been heated to a safe temperature" and what did they serve us for dinner? Cold ham and turkey sandwiches!
Now, I can't lie and say I didn't learn anything from this woman. I did. But, I feel like the hospital should reconsider who they pay to deliver their message.
The worst part? At the end of the class she says she'll probably be seeing some of us again next week for childbirth classes. That's right, friends. This woman is teaching us how to give birth. She is also giving us our prenatal tour and epidural class and teaching the newborn care class.
I am seriously considering calling the hospital to ask if there are any other options.


  1. Wow! that sounds bad. I can't believe the messages about smoking. Ahhhh!

  2. Oh my, that sucks! I hope you were given a feedback form. If not, I would actually call the hospital and leave some feedback. My breastfeeding class teacher was really sweet, nice, a nurse, and was currently breastfeeding her son. I would have been quite unhappy if I paid to be taught by someone like your teacher!

    I have a lot of family that live in the middle of nowhere Southern Louisiana. Fun to visit, but yeah, I probably wouldn't want to live there.