Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still here!

Here I am at 29.5 weeks. I'm really starting to grow, huh?

I've been a bad blogger, but it's not entirely my fault. We got back home from our trip to NC on Tuesday evening and since then, I've been working like a crazy woman. Between my job at Talbots and my new writing gig, I've been pretty swamped. I would have blogged while I was at my parents' but my Internet access is limited there and I was having too much fun with my family, anyway!

Our trip was wonderful. My parents' 50th anniversary party was great even though my sisters, their husbands and children and Greg and I did all the work! We fed about 80people a dinner of ribeye steaks, baked potatoes and a salad (oh and yeast rolls) and it all went very smoothly. We make a great team even if there are "too many generals and not enough soldiers" as Greg likes to say. Everyone who attended the party couldn't beleive we pulled it off. We even managed to turn an ugly community building into what my Mama called "a fairyland." My parents tried to dance every dance and seemed to me to be far younger than they actually are on that magical night. It was so good to be surrounded by my extended family and to see them all coming together to honor my parents and their exceptional marriage.

Then, the next day, we celebrated again at our baby shower. It was perfect! The theme for the shower was basically "name the baby" and they had decorated the church fellowship hall by hanging these paper circles from the ceiling. Each circle had a name suggestion with meaning written on it. My favorites came from my brother-in-law who is a big fan of the TV movie Lonesome Dove with his suggestion of Woodrow and next would have to be my nephew Nicholas' pick -- Juan. lol The shower hostesses -- my sisters, two of my cousins, my three nieces and my dear friend -- thought of everything! The games were really fun, the food was great and the decorations echoed the bedding we bought for the nursery. They even had all the people who came to the shower to drop a name suggestion into a basket. It was fun to go through the comments after the shower. But, we still haven't decided on a name! We got so many nice gifts, our truck was loaded down on the way home and now it's all in the nursery waiting for me to get in there and organize it.

Everything is going well with my pregnancy. I went to the doctor Wednesday and found out I had a tremendous weight gain since my last appointment five weeks ago. I felt bad about it for a couple of days, but I'm OK with it now. I know that I really strayed from my healthy eating plan while I was in NC and I indulged too much. I tried to blame it all on Mama because she made all my favorite foods and then some, but I know I have no one to blame but me! Dr. Carter said "last month in my notes I wrote 'excellent weight control.' This month, I'm just going to write "NOT!" ha ha he's a funny guy, my doctor. I'm back on track now and working again, which burns lots of calories -- believe me! My glucose test was normal and I get my rhogram shot tomorrow. We go every two weeks for our appointments now. It's so hard to believe that we're actually almost to 30 weeks. Time is flying by.


  1. Hey - I've just been reading your journey - great read and huge congrats to you and your hubby. I'll be doing a FET in the next 6 weeks or so - reading about your experience has given me hope! Thank you!

  2. Maybe your baby had a growth spurt! Or maybe it was the good home cooking. I know whenever I visit my folks I pack on the pounds! You are still looking great, and it sounds like your health is right on track. The weight must be what the baby needed (or at least that's what I tell myself)!!

    You're 75% of the way through! Time does fly.