Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lumpy bump

I've spent the last week preparing for and looking forward to having our maternity pictures done today. I took the day off from work so that I wouldn't be rushed and have plenty of time to get ready and then I woke up this morning and guess what, it's raining. Our photographer works in natural light so rain is not good. I'm hoping it will clear up but it's looking pretty rotten out there right now.
I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to wear for the pictures. I have said before that I don't have the cute round belly you think of when you think of pregnant bellies. I have a belly that has always been sort of "segmented" by rolls of fat. Ever since I was in fourth or fifth grade and now these fat layers have merely been pushed up, down and out over the growing belly. So, I spent a large part of the week trying to find some clothes that would make me look like I have a cute round belly not covered in layers of fat. This was a near impossible task and eventually, I decided that this is my body and I'm proud of it for doing as it should -- nurturing this growing baby and preparing to give birth -- and that it is just fine the way it looks. So what if I don't look like everyone else? I look like me and that's that. So I bought or found some clothes in my closet that I like and that I feel good in and so what if the belly looks lumpy. It is lumpy.
I had Greg take a picture of me this week -- 32 weeks -- to send to my family who for some strange reason though they would get weekly pictures of the growing lumpy bump. I think once a month is good enough.

As you can see we painted the stripe in the nursery and I think it turned out really nice. And, the crib is all set up now. There's still a million other things to do before the baby gets here and sometimes it's a little overwhelming to think about.
I am still working and the longer days do really wear me out, but I am hanging in there. Right now, I plan to work through the first couple of weeks of December, but that could change, of course.
Another exciting thing that happened this week is we received our Best Bottom diapering system in the mail from Nicki's Diapers and these diapers are so stinking cute! I probably won't think the same after the little guy gets here and I'm changing and washing a hundred diapers a day but oh my goodness, to see those little diaper shells in all those fun colors -- well, it was just another one of those "can you believe we're actually at this point?" moments.
We had our second class in our child birth prep series and Lunch Lady did a pretty decent job. She didn't say anything too stupid or at least I don't think she did, but then again how would I know? I've never given birth before!
So that's it for this week -- cute diapers, still working, lumpy belly and maternity photos if the sun decides to come out today.
Oh and still no name. But, we're trying out the ones we like by using a different name each day.


  1. I hear you on the freaked-out maternity picture front. I had verrry similar feelings. It's like, "This could be my only pregnancy, and this will be its permanent documentation, and it has to be PERFECT, dammit." Heh. Your session will go well, and your pictures will be gorgeous. Your bump doesn't look lumpy to me, anyway! :) You look great, silly girl!

    I love the nursery stripes, and I envy that you've painted and have already assembled the crib. Our nursery is finally empty (had to move the guest room down the hall), but the walls are covered in garish swatches of paint samples because we had the hardest time picking out a color. We've finally settled on a color, and the plan is for Nick to finally paint those walls this weekend! :)

    We went with the Gdiaper system--got the whole shebang at our shower. We actually got a few pieces from the GroVia system, too, just to try 'em out. I look forward to your experience with Best Bottoms! Going through all of those different diapers was overwhelming, man. :)

    We've finally settled on two names--one for a boy, one for a girl. Of course, this could change in the coming weeks. We've decided to stay mum on the names, wanting the baby to be the first to hear his/her name. We'll see!

    Happy to hear an update from you! Good luck today! Share pictures when you can! :)

  2. Your bump is adorable! I actually know plenty of women whose bellies were/are less than spherical. :) I think it's more common than we realize, because women with smooth, round bumps that conform to what we think of as "normal" or "pretty" are the ones putting up tons of pictures! Good luck on the name game, looks like everything's going to be ready before you know it!