Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No news is... no news

We had our weekly appointment this morning. It was bumped up a day because the office will be closed on Friday for New Year's. And, though I had certainly hoped that all those twinges and practice contractions were actually a sign of progress, I remain at 2 cm dilated with a lot of thinning out left to do. Darn.
The good news -- baby is fine as frog hair, there's no rush because I'm "low risk" (I still can't believe that's how they classify me) and though my doctor said I look like I'm carrying a giant baby because I'm so big up front -- he's actually just an average size. So we wait.
We go back on Monday and my doctor hinted that if I want to be induced next week, he would consider it but only if my cervix is "ideal." If not, being induced can lead to the dreaded C-section, so if the choice is mine, I will certainly choose to wait.
My parents and my sister and my niece all have their plane tickets now. I had hoped to have some time with just me, Greg and the baby before they get here to sort of figure some things out and try to get some breastfeeding experience. But, that might not happen and I have to be OK with whatever happens. This is something that's simply out of my control.
I am slightly more uncomfortable each passing day, but this baby seems utterly content in his home (small as it might be right now). So, we are hoping he will come sooner rather than later, but we are trying to be patient at the same time.
As for the great name debate -- we are still stuck. Today, I offered a compromise -- Daniel Carter. And Greg said -- I'll give you Carter Daniel. And I said, I'll think about it.
Obviously, I am weary and I feel myself inching closer to waving the white flag -- or sock or whatever else I can find within arms reach -- in surrender. Who would have imagined that Greg would have a stronger will than me? Him with his laidback, easy come easy go personality and me with my opinionated, stuborn, have to be right all the time personality. Odd.


  1. First of all LOVE the cute picture of you and Brody below, so adorable!!! Glad to hear you and baby are doing well, but totally understand the desire to have some time alone together before everyone else arrives. Hoping it works out for you and you're able to have a healthy natural delivery with no surgery! Keep us posted!!!

  2. Fingers crossed that your lil' guy makes his healthy entrance into this world sooner than later, Krista! I did the Hypnobabies prep for labor, and one of the little mantras used in that program was that "babies choose their own birthdays." I suppose I heard that enough (over and over practically every night) that I really let go of wondering when he'd finally come. I hope that you and Greg are able to spend some alone time together before the great influx of family arrives. I speak from experience when I say that while having an abundance of guests and well-wishers makes you and your baby feel loved and celebrated, it's also ridiculously exhausting...

    Thinking of you and Greg and Daniel Carter/Carter Daniel. :) (I think both names sound very nice, btw!)

  3. Wow! You dreamt of your baby...and now he's almost here!

    Congratulations on finding a way to make your dreams a reality!

    'Low risk' way to go!

    Best wishes for the birth of your baby boy.

    LS x

  4. Soooo after a week, is he here yet?????
    I like Carter Daniel....a lot. Sounds distinguished.

    I hope that you are ok today and that you let us know as soon as he makes his appearance. I can't believe it's time for him to be born...WOW!