Sunday, January 9, 2011

Andrew Carter Pierce

Our son, Andrew Carter Pierce, was born Thursday, Jan. 6 at 4:39 p.m. weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 21 inches long.
He is everything I ever dreamed and so much more. I am absolutely head over heels in love.
His birth didn't go as I or anyone else had planned and he was born via c-section after a series of extremely scary episodes where his heart rate plummeted and it seemed nothing could be done to stabilize it. Andrew's little head, which was in the birth canal for so long that he was born with quite the cone, was positioned wrong and the cesarean became the best option for ensuring Andrew had a happy birth day. As disappointed as I was at not being able to push my baby out into the world (and believe me, my heart was broken and I cried and cried) the only important thing now is that he did arrive and he's happy and healthy.
The one thing that did go as planned, our photographer (who I will now refer to as my friend because she certainly acted with the love and kindness of a friend during the heartbreaking and joyous moments of that day) was there to document Andrew's arrival. Her talent amazes me. Here is a link to her blog where you can see some of the photos she took.
We came home yesterday and are as happy as clams.


  1. OMG! He's just beautiful, Krista! BEAUTIFUL! Congrats, Mama! I have been thinking of you over the course of the past week and wondering how you and Greg were doing--and now I know! You're on top of the moon! :) Welcome, sweet Andrew--you are such a loved little fella! :)

    I'm sorry to hear that his birth didn't go as you planned or hoped, but I am so very grateful that he's here and that he and mama are healthy and happy!

    Please keep us posted! And happy, heartfelt congrats to you, my friend!

  2. P.S. Just checked out your photographer's blog, and can I say I AM TOTALLY IN TEARS! I was in tears just reading what she wrote in her opening paragraph, and then it was full on waterworks looking at the pictures. What gorgeous mementos--she did a brilliant job. :) So, so happy for you two!

  3. Oh Krista, I'm SO incredibly happy for you guys! He is gorgeous and as Trinity said I was completely in tears looking at the pictures your photographer was able to capture of that day, so much love in those shots. Enjoy these first memories together, look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about it ((hugs))

  4. Congratulations! Love the name and the pics are beautiful.

  5. Many many congratulations! He is perfect!

  6. Krista....You're a MOMMY!!!!!!! OMG, he is beautiful. Many many many many CONGRULATIONS on the birth of your son.

    I am crying HAPPY TEARS for you today. WELCOME TO THE WORLD ANDREW!!!! xo

  7. He is beautiful! I am so sorry things did not go as planned, but he is is here and you are both healthy. The pictures are so beautiful! Congrats mama!

  8. Wow. What a beautiful boy! So happy for you.

  9. Welcome Andrew! Congratulations!
    I've never even heard of birth photography, but now I am sold. So precious!