Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My little monkey

Here is a picture from our newborn photo session. Isn't it beautiful? But don't let this peaceful sleeping little monkey fool you -- this one was taken at the very end of our three-hour in home photo shoot. Poor Liz did everything she knew to do and I did all the soothing and rocking and nursing I could do and he still refused to go to sleep. And, he peed on every blanket she put him on and then, he pooped! Andrew was awake from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. that day. I don't know how he was still holding on but he was. Andrew finally gave up and Liz got some beautiful shots. She even took some with my parents.
You can see more pictures from our session on the photographer's blog.
My parents left on Sunday and I think I speak for all of us when I say it was time for them to go home. Not that it wasn't nice having them here, it was. My mom cooked nearly all our meals while they were here and that was a big help. But, at the same time, having two extra people in the house was a little unnerving. Greg is at home with us this week and though we miss Granny and Papa, it is nice to be back to "normal."
I put that word in quotation marks because nothing is normal at our house anymore. Andrew has changed everything. Life as we knew it is over and a new life has started. We are still trying to work out our feeding problems. Andrew has gained up to 8 lbs 3 oz as of today. We were hoping for bigger numbers, but we will take whatever progress we can get. The herbs and tea may have made a slight difference in milk production, but not enough. So, when I went for my check up with Dr. Carter yeseterday, we discussed my options and I've decided to take Reglan to try to get to where I need to be.
My little hungry hungry hippo is still eating very often, but today seems a little better as he's gone for two three-hour spans already. That means I got to take a nap and write this post.
Every morning I wake up (after several night feedings) and feel like I can do this -- I can wait for my milk to catch up. I can continue nursing him every two hours (or less) and I will win this battle! Then, by late in the evening, when only an hour after a feeding my son is hungry again, I feel so defeated and I want nothing more than to wave the white flag in surrender. I feel like I need to set some sort of deadline -- perhaps another week or two and if Andrew is still hungry all the time, and his mommy is still absolutely exhausted, we will have to make the decision to give up on our goal of breast feeding. I hate to do it, but I am so weary and my boy needs more than what I am able to give right now. Here's hoping the medicine works and it won't come to that.
Though exhausting, life with Andrew is a million times better than life without Andrew. Every day I look at his little face, his hands, his feet, his tiny little ears and I marvel at the miracle of it all. He makes us laugh every day with his funny little faces or his funny actions. Just yeseterday he managed to pee over his body and the changing table into the trash can sitting on the floor. Greg was so proud.
It is hard to believe that on Thursday, Andrew will be three weeks old. It seems like we just brought him home from the hospital. I think I am beginning to understand that wistful look my mother sometimes gets when she says to me, "honey, it seems like only yesterday when you were born."


  1. OMG those pictures are so incredibly cute!!! I LOVE that one with the monkey hat, it is so precious!

  2. My favorite part of these pictures? Those delicious little rolls of skin! Soooo sweet! :)

    Congrats on the weight gain--any gain is good gain, girl! I thought of you today when I was reading another blog today about a mama who was worried about low supply and she referenced this book:


    You probably already know of that resource, but just thought I'd share just in case. You're doing a great job, Krista. I'm amazed by and proud of your effort--you're stronger than you're giving yourself credit for right now. Hope the Reglan is the bridge to get you where you want to be. Please keep us posted!

    P.S. Today while I was changing Arlo's diaper, I looked away for just a second to arrange his cloth diaper, and when I looked back I noticed this strange dark spot on the upholstery where he was laying, right next to his ear. I realized that it was a wet spot, and thought he had spit up, but when I looked at his face I saw that he had clear drops all over his forehead and cheek and upper lip (yikes)...only to realize that he had PEED ON HIS FACE. OMG.

  3. These photos make me squeal with absolute delight. I wish I could just swoop him up in my arms. I think you are amazing and I'm hoping the Reglan helps.

  4. Awesome photos! Keep it up, you're doing a great job.

  5. I seriously squealed with delight....he is BEAUTIFUL...just glorious!!!