Monday, March 1, 2010

On my mind

Dear Rowan,
I guess I'm starting to sound a little like Willie Nelson, but it's true that you are always on my mind. The idea of you sort of hangs like a backdrop on the stage of my life. Various scenes play out, some happy, some sad, some mundane, some thrilling and yet, always, there you are.
So, that's where I find myself today as I prepare for my parents to visit. It will be the first time they've visited us here in Louisiana. The trip they had planned in October was cancelled when my mother became very sick and ended up in the hospital.
We all made a last-minute decision for them to fly in on Thursday, after looking at the calendar and agreeing that this would be the best time for everyone. I am so looking forward to having them here.
When we left their house after our Christmas visit, I had high hopes that the next time I saw them, I'd be pregnant. But that was not to be and maybe that's one of the reasons I'm so elated to know that in a few short days (fingers crossed) my Mama and Daddy (yes, that's what I call them) will be here in our home, giving me all the support and love that a girl could ever need.
My parents are the greatest blessing in my life. They're a bright and shining light of love for my entire family. Each day, they show us what enduring love (almost 50 years of marriage!) looks like.
I'm always happiest when I'm surrounded by the people I love most. So, I expect to be very content during their two-week visit. But, you'll be there in the background, Rowan. And, I know I'll be wishing that you were a part of this happy time.
Your grandparents have endured every step along this IF journey with us and they grieve just as we grieve. They hope and they pray and they encourage me to keep the faith. I hope you get to meet them someday soon.

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  1. What a blessing to have such supportive parents! I hope you have a fun time with them and get babied yourself. We all need it sometimes...