Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh bother!

Dear Rowan,
One day I will introduce you to my beloved Winnie the Pooh and you will know the significance of Oh Bother!
I preface this post by saying I just had a huge "discussion" with my dear husband who announced tonight after dinner that he doesn't think I should be pursuing a career change (trying to get into this alternative teacher certification program) while we're in the midst of our frozen cycle.
Geez. Here I am trying to do something positive and he's giving me lip. He thinks I'll be so stressed by the pending PRAXIS exams that it might have a negative impact on our cycle. I told him that maybe having something else to think about during a cycle -- other than the cycle -- would be a good thing.
Anyway. That's neither here nor there because I'm not going to back out of the cycle or the tests. I'll do them both and it will be just fine.
My parents left yesterday and I was so sad to see them leave, but they were happy to be going home. They really missed their grandchildren. Brody is a great little dog, but he can't compare to the seven grandchildren that they normally see several times a week.
The most significant event during my little leave of absence was that my RE's office called to say that he would be going out of town for a few weeks and would not be able to meet with us on the 22nd as planned for a cycle review. I nearly lost it! I really felt like I needed to talk with him about our failed January cycle before moving on to the frozen cycle. So, I called Nurse Cindy, who laughed and said the office ladies were nuts and that she'd work us in before Dr. V left town. And, she did. So, on Thursday before we left for New Orleans, we met with Dr. V.
First of all, he was very sympathetic concerning our failed cycle. "I know you're frustrated," he said. And, we are, but it's more than that at this point. We're just tired. We're exhausted.
Next, he told us that proceding with the frozen cycle is the next logical step for us, though he gave us the stats on frozen vs. fresh and how much better fresh is.
Then, he told us that if we do not conceive on this upcoming frozen cycle, that we will have moved from a diagnosis of male factor to the lovely diagnosis of "unexplaiend infertility." Great.
When we first met Dr. V, he told us he was willing to try an IVF cycle with us, but would caution us that if it didn't work, he probably wouldn't be willing to go for a fourth. But, he said that he saw so much improvement in egg quality and quantity that he would advise a fourth fresh cycle -- but before proceding he would require me to go through more extensive genetic testing to see if there is something in there that's causing the "unexplained" part of our infertility.
The good news is that our three frozen embryos -- which are one day older than the ones we transferred (6 day blasts) are good quality. One was even a higher quality than the two we transferred (which was not the case on the day of transfer, obviously, but the extra day allowed this one to progress to a better quality). So that is good news. And, Dr. V talked to us about how a uterus prepared for a frozen cycle can be much better than one prepared during a fresh, because of the high hormone levels and all that jazz. So, with my system all "quiet" and our top notch embryos, maybe this will be the cycle that finally gets us to you, Rowan.

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  1. Those sound like some great embryos/ blasts! Day 7s sounds pretty impressive, if they survive thaw, sounds like they will be hearty indeed. You make me hopeful that they were able to improve egg quality and quantity so much as this also the thing that I need. It makes me hopeful it's possible. Fingers crossed for you.