Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Rowan,
I'm a little late on Show and Tell this week, I guess. But, I'll share anyway. Here's the link to Mel's Show and Tell if anyone out there would like to join the party. This is a picture of Brody when he was just a little pup with all his friends gathered in his bed.

This picture always makes me think of that song, "I get by with a little help from my friends." That certainly is true for me. Even though my friends are far flung and most of them I haven't seen in almost a year -- they still help me get through with their phone calls and e-mails.
And, now, I have several supportive "friends" that follow this blog and they have all been very kind to me.
So, I think Brody was on to something when he surrounded himself with all of his friends. Sometimes, we all need to lean on our friends and family.
My parents are here now. They arrived yesterday and it is so good to see them and have them here. I am so looking forward to coming home from work today because my house won't be empty! I'll have my mom, my dad and Brody here to welcome me. Such a great feeling!


  1. Hi. New follower here! I just love this post. I'm a middle life orphan and I can safely say that I wouldn't be here today without the support of my friends. Our friends and furbabies make it all worth it. Enjoy your visit with your parents.

  2. Brody is so cute & like you said smart...we all need friends to get us through the tough times in life! Glad your family is in town visiting, hope you have a wonderful time with them:)