Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gearing up

Dear Rowan,
I've been so busy with my parents here that I've not had time to write lately. But things are progressing nonetheless. I started my bc pills and antibiotics as the prelude to our upcoming frozen cycle.
Nurse Cindy guesses our transfer will be on or around April 19.
With IF treatments, the timing is never very convenient. I've been putting all my efforts into transforming my life -- applying for an alternative teacher certification program that would put me in the classroom in the fall as a first-year teacher -- and applying for a ton of jobs in case that doesn't work out. I told Greg that it will be just my luck to get accepted into the program and then find out I'm pregnant. Of course, I would not complain one bit!!
Anyway, we will probably be heading to New Orleans tomorrow, which is exciting.
I hope all you blog friends out there don't think I've forgotten about you!


  1. Congrats on getting started again, and enjoy New Orleans. Also good luck with all this job stuff!

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you. My husband agreed to do a show out of town and as soon as he signed the contract, BAM something actually worked for us.

  3. Have fun in NOLA! I love that city. Best wishes this cycle, I hope everything goes your way!