Friday, June 18, 2010

Tiny dancer

Here is the latest ultrasound picture of our little one. The baby measures 11weeks2days and Dr. V says everything looks and sounds great. Today was a special day for us -- it was our "graduation" day, our last visit with our RE. The best part was seeing our little one moving around in there, a tiny dancer on the screen. It looked like he/she was having a good ole time just floating around doing water acrobatics. Greg and I agreed that it looked like when you see someone in a zero gravity chamber on TV. The little one was floating and flickering around in there and it seemed to me that if it could make a sound, he or she would be saying "whhhheeeeeee!"
We got our "official" due date, which I had already calculated myself but now since the doc said it we can be more confident -- January 5. We are simply over the moon with joy right now.
We were happy to see Dr. V for our last visit since he was our RE and it was his knowledge and expertise that helped to create this little miracle. But, he is the most humble doctor I've ever met. He kept saying, "you guys worked so hard for this. I'm so happy for you." When I said, "And you worked hard too," he just shook his head.
In the past, it has been hard for me to be thankful that we ended up at this base, where I have few friends and I don't really like the area and I'm so far from home. But, it's easy for me to be thankful today. I am so thankful that chance led us here to Dr. V and his wonderful staff and to this pregnancy.
I used to say that my favorite thing about Shreveport is the midget carhop at Sonic, who I just adore. I can't say that anymore. Dr. V is by far the best aspect of life in Shreveport. To finally get personalized, attentive, expert care was more than we had hoped for. How do you say thank you to the man who has put you on the path to parenthood after such a long and winding and sad road? I just shook his hand and said, "we can't thank you enough."
And, being the man that he is, Dr. V said, "send us a picture in January and that's all the thanks we need."


  1. Congratulations. Can't wait to see more pics. Sending you love;)

  2. Congratulations Momma! So happy for you guys, a fantastic milestone on this crazy journey:)

  3. wow...when you said "and you worked hard too" I lost it ,,here at my desk. I'm just sooo happy for you.

    plus that last appt with my RE was just as emotional...I felt like "I can't leave you!!!!" but I keep in touch with the office twice a year, I send updates and pictures. I totally get how special they are to you.

    11 weeks, Jan 5th...YIPPEE !