Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To pee or not to pee?

That is the question I've been asking myself all day. It's probably Trinity's fault over at Three is a Magic Number because hers was the first post I read this morning. I was so happy to read that she peed and got a positive result that it got me to thinking, "hey maybe I should do that."
I never even considered the whole POAS question in my first two IVFs. I just knew they hadn't worked. So, the beta results came as no surprise to me.
But our third try had me a little more hopeful (since we had blasts) and I took a home pregnancy test two days before my beta. Negative, of course. By the morning of our Beta, I had started spotting and I knew that it was not to be.
Now, this is my first FET ever and I have to tell you ladies, I am feeling very different than after my fresh cycle transfers. First of all, no cramping. On the day of transfer, I had some slight cramping after peeing. But, yesterday and today -- all clear no cramps.
Second of all, no constipation. In each previous IVF, I suffered from severe constipation. I was so miserable. I can't even really describe it. I was under the impression that it was a result of PIO, but I've been on the PIO for quite some time now and no problems. So, I guess it was the anesthesia alone that made me so miserable.
Third, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to describe this accuratley, but I have an overall sense of well-being. Now, I'm not saying that indicates pregnancy. I'm merely pointing it out because it is the antithesis of what I remember feeling in the past. I remember feeling worried, nervous, anxious, dreadful. But, I don't feel that way today and I didn't feel that way yesterday. In fact, I'd say I'm feeling calm, serene...peaceful even. And it's sort of odd.
Now, back to the question at hand. To pee or not to pee?
Greg leaves for his three-week class in Texas on Sunday. My beta is set for Wednesday and really, I'd like to know either way before he leaves. It's probably better not to be alone when you get the news, for better or for worse.
So I'm considering taking a test on Sunday morning. Dr. Sher, on his IVF Authority blog, says betas for FETs should begin one week after transfer. So, Sunday would be one day shy of a week for me. Any thoughts?
I'll let you know what I decide.


  1. Ack! Sorry to be a bad influence! ;) I say wait as long as you possibly can, until you feel like you're going to go mad, and then get busy peeing! I honestly felt that I wasn't going to POAS and felt really committed to holding off, but then it just consumed me. Yikes. And total bummer that Greg will be out of town for your beta, dude!

  2. Well, regardless of what happens, I am glad to hear you are feeling peaceful. I am starting to get there too, and I know what you mean, it feels kind of weird. Who knows what it means, but I hope it means good things.

    I had all set out not to POAS this time, but who knows if that's happening. I think you should POAS since Dh is leaving, that would push me over the edge. I wouldn't want to face that news potentially alone. Though, + or -, POAS tends to send anxieties upwards.

    Sending you all possible positive vibes.

  3. Because we used a donor and did IUI for our cycle, I HAD to POSS instead of going in for a beta. I actually put it off for as long as I possibly could because I didn't want to be disappointed...but in your case I'd probably give in and POAS before your husband leaves town...and of course, we'll all be here waiting for an update!

  4. Thinking of you and wondering if you POAS yet... Sending + beta vibes...