Friday, April 30, 2010

Good news

Beta number two is in: 195

We are relieved and happy to see that we had a 150 percent increase. And, I have a sonogram scheduled in one week. My poor husband who has been present at EVERY sonogram appointment during three fresh IVF cycles and this last frozen cycle will still be out of town, but he said he'll try his best to work something out so that he can be here. It is still very surreal to me and especially to Greg, who feels like he missed the best part. My family is unbelievably excited. I am cautiously optimistic, of course, because I have to be.

I plugged my numbers in the HCG calculator and this is what it looks like.


  1. Awesome! Best thing I've seen all day!

  2. Well, hello there, Mrs. Awesome Beta! :) Seriously, I have so much joy for you and Greg! So excited! I swear, this wait for the u/s (mine is next Thursday) feels worse to me than the 2WW ever did. Congrats, Krista! :)

  3. Great news!!! What a relief! What a bummer that your husband may not be able to be there for the first ultrasound though. Hopefully he'll make it, and the wait for the ultrasound won't seem too long!

  4. Fantastic news! Now the wait for the u/s! Ugh...I hope everything continues to go well. Many fingers crossed.